Supplements to prepare for embryo transfer

As discussed in greater detail in the 2nd edition of It Starts with the Egg, the supplements to consider taking in the lead up to a frozen embryo transfer are:

  • Vitamin E
    • Life Extension Super Vitamin E (400 IU)
      • The studies in this context used 900 IU, which is a fairly high dose. To reach close to that level, you could take two capsules per day in the month before embryo transfer, or take only one capsule per day if you prefer.
  • L-arginine
    • (This is not recommended before egg retrieval because it may compromise egg quality, as explained in the book)
    • Life Extension L-Arginine 
    • The dose used in the study that found L-arginine can improve endometrial thickness was 6 grams per day, divided into 4 doses.   With the Life Extension capsules (700 mg), one option would be to take 2 capsules x 4 times per day, for a total of 8 capsules (5600 mg).
  • Possibly CoQ10


After Embryo Transfer

After transfer, you can continue with your prenatal and vitamin D until you get a positive test.

For detailed guidance on supplements to take during pregnancy, please see my pregnancy book:   Brain Health from Birth: Nurturing Brain Development During Pregnancy and the First Year.


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