Recommended Mind/Body Resources

Although it is not clear how much stress impacts fertility, IVF and infertility are  inherently stressful and anything you can do to minimize this stress will make the process easier. Below you will find links to programs that come highly recommended by members of my closed Facebook Group

  • YogaYin’s Fertility Yoga on Youtube
  • Circle & Bloom’s Fertility Meditation Program
    • Circle & Bloom offer a variety of guided meditation programs, including an IUI/IVF Mind-Body Program, which includes 18  meditations specifically designed to help you de-stress during the IVF process ($59). You can also get started with their free fertility meditation program.
    • Save 20% with code RebeccaFett20
    • Testimonial:  “I tried to conceive for two years and recently used Circle+Bloom each evening during my IVF cycle. Yesterday I found out that it worked and I am pregnant! I know that Circle+Bloom assisted in me staying calm and focused throughout the cycle. During the time right after the transfer, when I was feeling very negative and stressed I listened twice a day and that is how I was able to find some peace.” — Rose
  • Healing Ovaries Fertility Meditation Music on Youtube
  • Mindful IVF (phone app with guided meditations specific to IVF)
  • Restoring Fertility Yoga DVD 
    • Four relaxing yoga practices designed for each phase of the reproductive cycle
    • An integration of  hatha yoga and traditional Chinese medicine fertility principles (developed with guidance of highly regarded fertility acupuncturists).

Recommended Fertility Coaching Resources

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  • Marc Sklar’s Conquering IVF program
    •  A video-based eCourse created by the founder of the Reproductive Wellness Clinic in San Diego.
    • Marc shares all the information and advice he has given over the years to past patients who have gone on to get pregnant.
    • The program also includes  two  group coaching calls each month  with a group of women going through IVF at the same time as you. This provides an opportunity to get support from others going through the same challenges, ask questions, and get  semi-personalized advice twice a month from either Marc or one of his colleagues.
    • The full program is $297, or you can start with his free 4-part video series.