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Here is a small selection of the reader stories posted in my private Facebook group and shared with permission.   I hope to see your story here one day soon.

– Rebecca


  “Many recommended this book, and it has been a lighthouse in the worst storm of my life. A tiny umbrella in my continuous torrential downpour”

Amanda D – recurrent miscarriage

 I learned about this book after my second consecutive miscarriage (6 weeks and 9 weeks). I was at the lowest point in my life. I had a healthy baby already, but my body kept failing me ever since. The doctors told me nothing was wrong and that I must wait for 3 miscarriages in a row before they will investigate. *Hopeless*, I started looking on the internet for help. Many recommended this book, and it has been a lighthouse in the worst storm of my life. A tiny umbrella in my continuous torrential downpour. My candle of unwavering hope in the darkest moments of my life. I followed this like I follow the Bible. I learned to be my own advocate at the doctor office, I knew what questions to ask and what to get tested for. They found something – and my protocol changed. I did the books recommended supplements for months, I changed my family’s lifestyle and diet. I purged all plastic and phthalates. All my body products are now free from toxins. I read labels. I eat organic. I am consciously navigating the scary journey with this book as my flashlight. I can never thank Rebecca Fett enough, for I don’t know where I’d be if I never found this book. But I’m willing to bet I wouldn’t have made it to the second trimester as I am now without her. There is ALWAYS HOPE and mine is permanent – don’t ever give up!


“I 100% believe that the success was to the book and this group”

Amanda B twins after two failed rounds of IVF

 I went through 2 terrible rounds of IVF, I found the ISWTE group (and of course the book), implemented all the changes and recommendations for over 3 months (so did my partner). The first 2 embryos we transferred resulted in boy/girl twins (nearly 6 months old now)! I 100% believe that the success was to the book and this group and wanted to 1) thank you Rebecca Fett and all the amazing people in this group but also 2) give you all some inspiration to keep going!


 “I followed the protocol to a T and adding some. I did this for 60 days and got our positive”

Ashley –  recurrent miscarriage

  I conceived my daughter in 2017 (age 32) with one try and zero issue. Since then, I’ve had 3 miscarriages (chemical, blighted and missed). I thought IVF would be the answer. Why not? I could pick through the eggs and find the good ones. I read the book and began implementing the advanced protocol.

Or at least I thought I was.  I was picking and choosing which supplements to take and which to leave out. I took the basics; prenatal, vitamin D, DHA and R-ALa. The PGT-A results came back, and all my embryos (3) were abnormal. Devastated would be an understatement! My RE suggested one more round in 6 weeks’ time – and if that didn’t work to try donor eggs given my age (37 at the time). I decided against her advice, I reread the book in its entirety and sought a naturopath that had knowledge in the female reproductive system. I followed the protocol to a T and adding some. I did this for 60 days and got our positive (38 years old).

The single biggest difference for me was to not alter the recommended supplements. To follow the protocols EXACTLY as they are called for. Oh, and one more thing.! While checking your levels, don’t compare them to the recommended levels of someone your age. You want to trick your body into being a fertile young 20-year-old woman. Look at those ranges and get to the upper range for that age bracket. While I know everyone’s situation is different, I would highly recommend not skipping DHEA. I truly believe that it was a difference maker. Baby Emma met us October 11.


“I am incredibly thankful to Rebecca for giving me hope”

Diana– IVF twins after 2 years of treatment and an ectopic pregnancy

I want to share my story; we have our rainbow babies in my hands! They will be a week-old tomorrow! I have endometriosis, hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s confirmed later. Always had my period on time and never thought that I would deal with infertility.

After almost two years of medicated rounds with gonal f, 1 failed IUI and 1 IVF with ectopic pregnancy, I read Rebecca’s book. Losing my IVF baby to ectopic pregnancy was quite horrible because it was only 1 blastocyst embryo out of 7 that were retrieved. I was depressed but reading the book gave me new hope!

I started to follow the rules of getting rid of plastic and daily chemicals. Then we started to eat healthier, organic only products and natural. Hubby wasn’t happy with it but agreed to do it, as long I cooked something delicious. After I made a goal to walk every single day for 1 hour in fresh air and stopped doing HIITs, I also felt mentally healthy by walking in the forest. I also meditated on believing that I would be pregnant this year. I then found a different IVF clinic and checked their success rate, and it looked like that they had better results than my previous clinic. We were driving 2 hours away to all our appointments during covid and finally retrieved my only 2 follicles. I was a bit discouraged, but the doctor said not to worry and transferred both on day 2. They were fertilized with ICSI and both follicles turned into two perfect embryos with 4 cells. My doctor made sure that they were placed where they supposed to be and wished us good luck.

All that time I was meditating and doing affirmations for successful IVF with twins. I had screen shots of twins and when we confirmed our pregnancy, I knew I was pregnant with twins!

They were born right before thanksgiving night! I am so thankful for this journey and getting my perfect babies to this world. Twin pregnancy was super hard on my body, but I carried them to week 38. I want to tell you that I am incredibly thankful to Rebecca for giving me hope and giving babies to women who truly deserve to be a mother!!! Follow her vitamins protocols and diet, and don’t just exercise but exercise your mental state too!


 “My rainbow baby was born from IVF two weeks ago at 42 on the advanced plan”

  Amanda C – Rainbow IVF baby

My rainbow baby was born from IVF two weeks ago at 42 on the advanced plan. We used it twice and conceived twice at 39 naturally and then through IVF as we wanted to do genetic testing. We took the supplements even through a miscarriage – and did not stop believing. This last pregnancy was a hard pregnancy, but we made it! We’re a family of 4 and can’t be happier. So excited to end the fertility and pregnancy chapter. Thank you Rebecca Fett for your guidance!!


“This book opened my eyes and changed my life”

Louise – Recurrent miscarriage, natural conception, hypothyroidism

This book opened my eyes and changed my life! Both the book and the Facebook community helped me to improve my lifestyle, reduce toxins and to choose the best supplements specific for my situation. After 6 early miscarriages I was feeling hopeless and defeated, but the book gave me new hope. I did my own research and found out I had MTHFR, low vitamin D, hypothyroidism, and I advocated to have a HSG test. I now have my beautiful rainbow daughter. I can’t thank Rebecca enough!


“ISWTE truly changed our lives beyond bringing Eliza into our lives. It changed our entire way of thinking with respect to health and medicine.”

 Raeana– Diminished Ovarian Reserve

I experienced recurrent miscarriage and was diagnosed with DOR prior to finding this book, and after 4 months of following the recommendations, we conceived our rainbow. My husband and I are so grateful to be parents to our amazing little girl, but ISWTE truly changed our lives beyond bringing Eliza into our lives. It changed our entire way of thinking with respect to health and medicine. We’ve made permanent life changes as the result of this journey and although it was an often emotionally painful process, we are much healthier as a result. And I say that as someone who thought we were healthy prior to this because we exercise regularly and eat a clean and healthy diet. But we were so ignorant regarding the number of toxins we were exposing ourselves to daily and didn’t understand how we could maximize our physiologic potential through supplements.


“I followed the plan for 2.5 months and got a positive on my first month of trying again”

Elaine – Recurrent miscarriage

I joined this group beginning of 2022 after my two missed miscarriages in a row in 2021 at the age of 36/37, after seeing heartbeat both times. The first time was just deemed bad luck by the doctor. The second time the tissue was tested, and it was confirmed chromosomal abnormality (trisomy 15). Blood tests/panels all were normal/optimal levels. I had lost hope until I fully committed to the advanced plan of this book on New Year’s Day 2022.

I took all the supplements mentioned in the book (including 600mg of ubiquinol daily). I also changed my diet by eating a ton of eggs, avocados, lots and lots of bone-based stews and soups and I also started taking additional supplements suggested by this group: tru niagen, etc. Finally, I got rid of plastics around the house, switched to cleaner household products, and began to purchase organic produce and meats. I figured that if I’m going to have control over this part of TTC, I might as well give it my all. I followed the plan for 2.5 months and got a positive on my first month of trying again after my most recent MMC.

Our TTC journey had originally started in January 2021. My OB was my therapist throughout my 1st trimester – heartbeat/handheld ultrasound checks every 2 weeks until well into the 2nd trimester. After a healthy NIPT, we finally let in a small sigh of relief. Then came the 20-week anatomy scan – another large sigh of relief. Then 24 weeks, then 28 weeks, etc, all with further sighs of relief. And finally, my precious double rainbow daughter Celine was born on December 7, 2022. I had just turned 38. She was delivered by my OB who acted as our guardian Angel throughout this pregnancy, and especially at delivery.

Thank you to Rebecca Fett and this amazing group, as you guys single-handedly provided the hope and strength I needed during my darkest days as I miscarried the second time on New Year’s Eve one year ago. This Facebook group consists of the most mentally strong women on the internet. The plan, supplements, diet worked, and it put me in the best shape of my life just prior to my successful + pregnancy test. I hope that this post can provide just a little bit of hope and strength.


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“You are your best advocate.”

Jenny – Diminished Ovarian Reserve, Recurrent miscarriage

A little back story, I have a son whom I had in NY. I had him at the age of 38. Absolutely LOVED my doctors. Smooth pregnancy. Then we moved. We moved across the country to Texas where my husband was stationed. This is where I experienced two losses. One in October of 2021 to Trisomy 21 and then another in May of 2022 to a Partial Molar Pregnancy called a Triploidy. (I also had a miscarriage back in 2019 before my son. Lost the baby at home so I didn’t know what was wrong with it. Most likely chromosomal as well.)

My doctor in Texas ran a ton of tests only to find that I had .36 AMH (Diminished Ovarian Reserve) and 12.5 FSH. All the other tests were fine. I had an HSG in July and had a chemical in September. Back to the doctor I went. She told me that there was really no chance of conceiving a child naturally. She said I could try IVF but with such a low AMH there really wasn’t a good outcome, and most likely the eggs are unhealthy. Besides, we didn’t have money for IVF.

Devastated. Lost. Hopeless. Feeling defeated. I was so mad at my doctor. How could she tell me this? I had a healthy son that is super smart. How can I not be able to have another child. I didn’t believe her. I continued with all my PROOV tests (which she didn’t believe), and then I told her about the Book “It Starts with The Egg.” She told me no supplements are going to help with egg quality. I wasn’t going to give up. Well, I stopped listening to her.

After my loss in May, I started taking Wheatgrass, vitamin c, b-12, NAC, NAD, Ubiquinol, DHA, vitamin D3, Melatonin, Super Lipoic Acid, Theranatal Core. Pregnitude. I did not take DHEA. I had my husband start taking pure encapsulations multivitamin, wheatgrass, Ubiquinol, L-Carnitine, Vitamin C, Super Lipoic Acid. We took these for 5 months. I went back to her end of August. I told her I wanted to take Femara and I told her I wanted 7.5mg. She basically told me “I’ll do whatever you want,” I think to shut me up because she really didn’t think anything would work.  I took 7.5 mg in September days 3-7. My husband and I moved cross country back to NY. While driving cross country, we had to get busy because it was my fertile window.

Two rounds of Femara did the trick. I just turned 41 January 6th. I am currently 11 weeks pregnant. The girl whose doctor told her “You will never get pregnant again. If you do, it most likely will be poor quality.” Have my NY doctors again who delivered my son in 2020! She just called me. Just got back my NIPT (non-invasive prenatal testing) and it came back very low risk 99% for Trisomy 21, 13, 18!!

I am writing this because you are your best advocate. Advocate for yourself. If your doctor doesn’t listen, keep pushing or find a new doctor. My doctor thought I was nuts for wanting Femara. I went right to a higher dose because I didn’t have time to wait.

Also supplements work! Take the supplements. Have your husband or partner take the supplements. No, they aren’t cheap. We aren’t rich. We are on one income so that I can stay home to raise our son. But they are important. We also eliminated all plastic from our house and cooking. We don’t use candles, perfume, etc. I did drink wine here and there and so did her but for the most part we didn’t have much.

Please, please don’t give up!!!! Miracles do happen! It just takes that ONE golden egg! Sending lots of love, prayer, and hope your way.

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