Rebecca Fett answers the most common reader questions right here.

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Q: How long should I wait to do IVF cycle after starting supplements and making the other changes discussed in the book?  

A: This is the most common question readers have and also the most difficult to answer because it really depends on individual circumstances.  The research indicates that it takes at least 3 months to really see a change in egg quality, which corresponds with the length of time it takes an egg to mature.  But for a 40 year old, waiting 4 months between IVF cycles may not be the right decision because time is not on your side. On the other hand, if due to financial constraints you only have “one shot” at IVF, it may be better to wait and give yourself the best chance.  There is ultimately no way to way to know what timing is best so do what feels right for you.

Q: Which supplements can I keep taking once I start stimming for an IVF cycle or become pregnant? 

A: Ask your doctor, but one would typically only need to continue taking prenatal.  Depending on your circumstances some women continue taking CoQ10 or Myoinositol.

Q: Which IVF clinics do you recommend? 

A: Clinics change so much over time and there are so many factors involved that it is impossible to know which clinic will be right for each person.  Finances, location, doctor personality, medication protocols, and many other considerations are involved.  My one recommendation would be to choose a clinic in your city if you can because IVF is stressful enough without adding travel into the mix.