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Hi, I’m Rebecca.  When I was just 26, I was diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve and told I had  incredibly low odds of being able to conceive with my own eggs.

Never one to give up easily, I put my degree in biochemistry and molecular genetics  to work and became obsessed with the science of egg quality, ovarian reserve, and fertility.

After spending months pouring through over 500 scientific studies and clinical trials, I developed a new approach to supporting egg quality through carefully chosen supplements, dietary changes, and avoiding the chemicals that potentially cause harm to developing eggs.  My subsequent IVF cycle was a dramatic success, producing nearly 20 high quality embryos (and eventually my two sons).

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When our surrogate was pregnant with my first son, I decided to share everything I had discovered with others facing similar challenges. I delved even deeper into the scientific research and translated that research into an easy to follow plan in my book It Starts with the Egg.  The book is now read by one in three women undergoing IVF in the U.S. each year and has helped thousands of others get pregnant naturally and overcome recurrent miscarriages.

Every day I hear from women who have had dramatic improvements in their IVF cycles or who are pregnant for the first time after applying the strategies in the book.  I also hear from many women who finally feel a sense of hope and optimism after learning that there are science-backed strategies to improve their chances.  These stories inspire me to keep following the science and keep sharing what I discover.

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