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I have a degree in molecular biotechnology and biochemistry from the University of Sydney. Before becoming a full-time science writer, I spent ten years as a biotechnology patent litigation attorney in New York, where I specialized in analyzing complex scientific evidence and translating it into plain English.

At age 26, while preparing to undergo IVF, I was diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve and told I would have incredibly low odds of being able to conceive with my own eggs. I put my biochemistry and genetics training to work and became obsessed with the science of egg quality and fertility.189A2164 - Copy

After spending months pouring through hundreds of scientific studies and clinical trials, I developed a new approach to supporting egg quality through carefully chosen supplements and avoiding the chemicals that potentially cause harm to developing eggs.  My subsequent IVF cycle was a dramatic success, producing nearly 20 high quality embryos (and eventually my two beautiful baby boys).

I explain the approach I took, along with many other strategies supported by the scientific research, in my book It Starts with the Egg.  In 2019, I updated the book to include the latest studies and answers to common reader questions.  Click PREVIEW below to start reading the free Kindle sample.


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