Sperm Quality Supplements

In the first edition of It Starts with the Egg, I explained that the two most important supplements for improving egg quality are a good quality multivitamin and CoQ10 (e.g. Jarrow’s ubiquinol).  These are both important because they help to prevent oxidative damage to sperm.

In the second edition, I explain new research suggesting that for couples with a history of miscarriage, it may be especially helpful for men to choose a multivitamin that contains methylfolate, rather than synthetic folic acid. Recommended brands include:

Even without a history of multiple miscarriages, it is likely still best to choose one of these multivitamins containing methylfolate, or one that contains natural food folate, such as  Vitamin Code for Men.

Beyond a multivitamin and CoQ10, there are now further supplements supported by strong scientific evidence, as explained in the Second Edition of It Starts with the Egg:


For men who are reluctant to take pills:

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